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Finding New Value in the Work of Anonymous Shutterbugs

A woman in a tree. Water skiers. Factory machinery. An army officer. Niagara Falls. A séance. A disobedient dog. Nine nuns … The subjects are almost limitless. This is the myriad realm of “vernacular photography,” the catchall term for snapshots that amateurs have been taking since 1888, when George Eastman introduced the first hand-held Kodak camera, priced at $25 (about $600 today).

What Street Style Looked Like in the Swinging Sixties

Revisit the photographer Frank Habicht’s portraits of Jane Birkin, Vanessa Redgrave, and more stars of the Swinging Sixties in his new book As It Was.

Q&A: JA Mortram on his ten-year project Small Town Inertia

JA (or Jim) Mortram was born in 1971, and studied art in Norwich. In his third year of college he dropped out to become the primary carer for his mother, who has chronic epilepsy, in a small market town in Norfolk called Dereham.

Meet The Woman Who Invented Scientific Photography At This Stunning New York Public Library Exhibit

Nearly eight decades before Man Ray led photography in a radical new direction with his cameraless Rayographs, a British naturalist named Anna Atkins created hundreds of images enlisting similar techniques. Made by arranging plants on photosensitive cyanotype paper, her vivid compositions are as aesthetically beguiling as Rayography at its best, and their blue-and-white palette is more visually intense.

The Naked Photographer Who Puts Himself in Portraits of His Creative Idols

All photos: Vinny Vlemmix This article originally appeared on VICE Netherlands Vinny Vlemmix is a photography student at the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam. For the 20-year-old’s latest project, ” Kunstenaar & iK” (“Artist & I”), Vlemmix has captured portraits of his favourite artists in a space that they feel most connected to, as a way of peering into their creative process.

Graciela Iturbide’s Photos of Mexico Make ‘Visible What, to Many, Is Invisible’

lens Over the past 50 years, Ms. Iturbide has captured layers of Mexico’s diverse cultures and practices, as well as the struggles and contrasts across the nation. Graciela Iturbide may be one of the most renowned photographers working today.

A Photographer’s Insider View of Bohemian Life

lens He’s 87, and his first photo book, “Ken Van Sickle: Photography 1954-2009,” captures the lives of artists and bohemians on both sides of the Atlantic. Ken Van Sickle will never forget the day in 1955 when he became a photographer. He was in Paris, where he’d moved shortly after finishing his military service in Korea, to study painting.

Cold snaps: the Siberian city of Yakutsk – in pictures

Yakutsk, in eastern Siberia, is one of the world’s coldest cities, captured during winter by local photographer Alex Vasyliey

Dawoud Bey: 40 Years of Photos Affirming the ‘Lives of Ordinary Black People’

Lens A new retrospective book “Seeing Deeply” reveals his decades-long exploration of community, memory and photography. As a socially conscious teenager, Dawoud Bey was intrigued by the controversy over the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s 1969 exhibition, ” Harlem on My Mind: Cultural Capital of Black America, 1900-1968.”

17 Photographs that Achieved Exceptional Results in 2018

Sotheby’s Photographs auctions in London, New York and Paris achieved remarkable results this year. 2018’s top lot was Aleksandr Rodchenko’s Girl with a Leica, which set a new auction record for the artist. Photographer Michael Dweck, whose diverse body of work was celebrated in a special selling…

Intimate Photos of Community and Resilience in New York’s Chinatown in the 1980s

Race stories As waves of immigrants from Taiwan, Hong Kong and China arrived in Lower Manhattan, Bud Glick documented Chinatown and provided much needed detail and context for a community often reduced to clichés.

An American Photographer’s Pilgrimage to the Italian Village of Luzzara

lens More than 60 years after Paul Strand’s seminal photos of Luzzara, photographer David Maialetti documented the Italian village and its residents. It starts with the river, the River Po, whose Alpine source near the French border pushes the waters eastward across the Italian peninsula until its mouth kisses the Adriatic Sea.

Passion, Romance and Yearning: Photos of People Kissing

lens From simple pecks to full-on makeout sessions, a new compilation of photographs reveals how couples have kissed in front of the camera since the late-Victorian era. Two pairs of sweaty palms and eyes shut tight. Two mouths slightly opened. And, sometimes, two hearts racing from a mixture of yearning and excitement.

‘Wow, Quel Babes!’: American Teenagers in Paris in the 1950s

LIFE proclaimed it “one of the world’s foremost colonies of displaced persons.” Its denizens, the magazine said, were a peculiar people who loved adventure, yet preferred “their own way of life.”

The new collector’s guide to photographs | Christie’s

Photographs are not necessarily printed at the time the image is taken. The term ‘vintage’ generally but not exclusively references works made in the generic style in which the photographer was printing, near the date the image was taken.

13 Stories That Captured Photography in 2018

Lens published reports from all corners of the earth this year, often by photographers working within their own communities. We covered the effects of conflict and violence both internationally and in our own backyard, and have also shown intimate photo essays of personal love, loss and triumph.

Top 10 photography shows of 2018

We had junkie shocks from Larry Clark, bathtub selfies from Masahisa Fukase, girl gangs from Susan Meiselas – and models and mailmen from Saul Leiter